warehouses done differently

our vision

The Warehouses delivers a unique and thoughtfully-designed, mixed-use, industrial  precinct to the southern Gold Coast. A fusion of contrasting elements - old and new, industrial and natural - it’s both a commercial centre and a community hub. 

Setting a new benchmark for creative work environments, The Warehouses promises a distinct visual presence that’s steeped in history. Our striking facade pays homage to the the area’s industrial heritage, while modern design cues and indoor-outdoor landscaping create a vibrant and dynamic space conducive to innovation. 

At The Warehouses, we explore the intersection between Currumbin’s industrial past and its burgeoning future. Here, repurposed foundations and heritage features like exposed trusses and clerestory windows converge with contemporary stying and design. 

The Warehouses: come for business, stay for pleasure. 

If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work even more

Our standout collection of tenants have been carefully curated to ensure a co-hesive and likeminded community. We strive to provide a unique business and work environment that is both professional and supportive. Our contemporary, immaculately-designed workspaces were deliberately designed to feature generous spill-out common areas, an abundance of greenery, and plenty of nooks for innovation and collaboration. We believe that tenants who take pride in their working environment feel motivated and inspired each day - and we’re proud to be their muse.

Escape your workspace to sit in the gardens and grow your ideas

The Warehouses is an urban hub with industrial opportunities and community spaces unlike anything else. Bold, innovative and unique, we exist to elevate your brand. 

Our tenancies are linked via light-filled arcades full of inspiring, informal meeting zones tucked beneath clerestory windows and atrium gardens. For more private or maverick conversations, our atrium gardens also offer separate conference hubs. 

Through considered planning and design, The Warehouses acts as an architectural intermediary between a formally-leased work-area, and easily accessible, beautiful surroundings that invite relaxed connection with tenants, their staff, suppliers, clients, and the broader The Warehouses community.

Keeping Green

Conscious of our footprint and the fact that nature is a stimulant for the senses - and for the mind - we have woven greenery into every possible element of The Warehouses. From exterior landscaping to interior green-scaping throughout our common areas, we have gone to great lengths to achieve harmony with our environment. Natural light brings inner peace to our sun-drenched arcades, while layered foliage throughout our ground-level gardens and cascading greenery from our atrium gardens allows nature to breathe alongside you. 


  • Retained and re-used the pre-existing building, as well as structural elements & materials
  • Added thermal building products and insulation
  • Natural ventilation via generous openings for air flow
  • Clerestory glazing to allow natural light to spill in
  • On-site renewable energy with rooftop solar for common areas and all tenancies
  • Rainwater tanks 
  • Bicycle storage racks & shower facilities to promote active transport

It’s all in the presentation

From our main entrance, where you’re greeted by cantilevered gardens, to our beautifully green-scaped spaces beyond, our unconventional building will instil a sense of workplace pride in you and your team. 

Our aim at The Warehouses is to dissolve the boundaries between formal workspaces and inviting common areas, so that all who visit feel anchored into the fabric of this unique community of tenants. 

Our lush green gardens provide the perfect counterpoint to the grey hues of the building, while the arcades, gardens and atrium are decorated with tasteful furniture and fittings.


Currumbin is where culture and character converge in unexpected ways. The industrial zone we’re proud to call home is synonymous with successful businesses doing things differently, with long-standing families and businesses providing goods and services for many decades. In recent times more businesses (like Balter Brewery) have chosen Currumbin as their base, and more and more local boutique brands are planting their roots here. Founded by local families, we’re honoured to be part of the community and look forward to reinvesting in the place we call home. 

  • 2 minutes to the M1
  • 4 minutes to Currumbin beach
  • 7 minutes to Gold Coast airport
  • 50 minutes to Byron
  • I hour to Brisbane